The South Shore Harbormasters Association welcomes you aboard!

We hope that harbormasters and the boating public alike will use our site as an information resource. Boaters will find information on visiting ports along the South Shore, Safe Boating classes, hazardous weather, and summer events.

The South Shore Harbormasters have been united as an association since 2006. We are members of the Massachusetts Harbormasters Association, which is divided into regional chapters. The SSHMA represents all harbormasters from the South Shore and surrounding communities.

Member Communities:

Harbormasters are municipal guardians of the waterfront. Our duties include Harbor Planning and Management, Mooring and Dock Management, Law Enforcement on our waters, and Emergency Search and Rescue operations.

We see Safe Boating education as our most important focus, because we believe that safe and legal boating makes the waters of the South Shore more enjoyable for all.

We work closely with each other for the safety of the boating public. In addition, since 2001, we have trained with the US Coast Guard as “Force Multipliers,” in their role as the Department of Homeland Security’s waterways defense force.

All harbormasters in Massachusetts are continually trained and certified through the Massachusetts Harbormaster Training Council.